About us

Boomkwekerij De Bruyn cultivates trees, conifers and large solitary shrubs across over 150 hectares. With more than 1,000 different species, varieties and cultivars, we are one of the most diverse tree nurseries in the Benelux. Besides our extensive range of self-grown park and avenue trees, multi-stemmed trees and solitary trees and shrubs, we also offer hedging plants, shrubs, ornamental grasses, perennial plants and other park and garden plants which together complete any green project.

The De Bruyn family has worked in the tree cultivation sector since the 1920s. Grandfather De Bruyn mostly grew fruit trees and conifers, at Begijnendijk. Despite his grandson's determination to continue the family business, at the end of the 1970s, the nursery closed and the land was sold. Ten years later, the current generation opened a new tree nursery on three hectares of land. At that time, the company was also involved in garden landscaping; this activity was discontinued definitively in 2006 and the decision made to further expand the nursery. Since then, with 150 hectares of land, the nursery has grown to become one of the largest in Belgium. 

In the 2000s, the nursery also cultivated perennial plants and small shrubs; however, we now specialize in large trees, multi-stemmed trees and solitary shrubs. This requires knowledge and passion. A dedicated team of 26 staff takes care of the replanting, pruning, grubbing, selling and delivering of plant materials of the highest quality, cultivated and handled with respect for the plant and its environment. We still offer perennial plants and shrubs in order to provide everything the green professional or private customer needs for their green project when it comes to planting.

Boomkwekerij De Bruyn provides green solutions for projects of all scales, in both the public and private domains. Our trees and plants are planted in public areas, streets, landscapes, parks and gardens. We regularly welcome groups of professionals and students to our nursery; by doing so, we wish to contribute to ongoing education about trees in the public and private domains.