The nursery

The nursery is located to the north of Leuven, on the north easterly edge of Flemish Brabant. The 150 hectares of plots are scattered around the municipalities of Begijnendijk, Betekom, Booischot, Rillaar, Westmeerbeek, Aarschot, Gelrode, Putkapel, Herselt, Ramsel and Gijmel. The trees are grown according to the soil type of the different plots. In the nursery, the trees are transplanted in good time and planted in wide rows, to enable them to develop optimally.

We have trees of all different sizes, from 12-14 cm to 50-60 cm, multi-stemmed trees and solitary shrubs. We also sell trees in smaller or larger sizes. In the nursery, all the necessary formative pruning is skilfully carried out, so that upon sale, the larger trees already have a beautiful, evenly shaped crown and do not require any further formative pruning.

The trees ordered are always specifically selected for shape and suitability, and are individually marked before being removed from the ground. Several varieties of standard and half standard trees in smaller sizes can be sold with bare roots. However, the majority of the trees are sold with wired root ball, which greatly reduces the shock to the plant; the roots are far less likely to dehydrate during handling and transport. 

We are extremely proactive in introducing new disease-resistant varieties and cultivars, and varieties that are able to withstand climate change are also becoming increasingly important. These criteria, together with a high degree of biodiversity, are the guiding principles behind the range of trees in our nursery.