Sustainability and the environment

Trees that are cultivated with respect for their environment

To encourage natural enemies and prevent disease, all our plots are planted with a broad mix of trees. There are no rows of mono-planting, but diverse types of tree in each row, a genuine exercise in biodiversity. Due to the size of the nursery, the cultivation of the trees can be properly tailored to the soil type. This ensures strong, healthy trees that are less susceptible to disease and infestation. 

Fungicides and pesticides are not used in our nursery. On most of the plots, the paths between the trees are sown with grass. We plan to do the same with the rest of the plots over the next few years. By doing this, the use of herbicides is kept to a minimum. Wood trimmings left over from pruning are chopped up and reused as a mulch layer between the trees. The burlap and wire around the root ball are biodegradable.

The environmental certification MPS-ABC stands for sustainability and environment; it is a certificate which serves as a yardstick to show the extent to which companies are environmentally friendly and sustainable. The Milieu Project Sierteelt ('Environmental Project in Horticulture') is an international accreditation system utilized in more than 40 countries. MPS contributes towards the globally recognized Sustainable Development Goals. To receive the certificate the company registers its use of plant protection products, fertilizers, energy and water and indicates how it handles waste. The company can earn points for each of these categories. Boomkwekerij De Bruyn has the highest possible level MPS A+ certificate. The certificate is recognized by the government as a parameter of sustainability.