Residential care complex - Berlaar

By planting Quercus suber (cork oak), the entrepreneurial landscape architect succeeded in creating a view of green space from every floor of this residential care complex. For seniors with intensive healthcare needs, the design required the necessary creativity and functional feasibility to be able to bring green space into the living environment of the residents. In this project, trees were the perfect design tool to achieve this objective. The decision was firmly made to use large, characterful trees in the interior garden, which enabled the green space to be enjoyed by the residents day after day through the large interior windows.

In 2016, this project won second prize in the 1.2 Tree award at the professional exhibition Green. 


Quercus suber (cork oak)

The quirky character of Quercus suber and the roughness of the bark makes this tree a real eye catcher. It is evergreen and therefore also popular in places where a green environment needs to be enjoyed throughout the year. Quercus suber is a medium to large sized tree and requires a warm, dry and sheltered position.