Transporting of planting material

When loading, transporting and unloading trees and shrubs with bare roots or (wired) root ball it is important to take the necessary care and attention. During this time the plants are most susceptible to dehydration or damage. The fine root hairs are the most vulnerable, and these are essential for the absorption of water and nutrients.

The branches are tied together at the nursery for protection. When the planting material is stacked for transport, trees and shrubs that are vulnerable to branch breakage and plants with bare roots are stacked at the top.

Trees and shrubs are always transported under a tarpaulin cover. Plants with bare roots in particular must be extra protected and should not be exposed to the sun or wind, even for short distances. On arrival, the plants are immediately unloaded and placed in a sheltered location until planting. For a short period of time a tarpaulin is sufficient for this; however, ideally plants with bare roots should be placed in soil or stored in an (enclosed) shed or garage, preferably covered. It is important to keep the roots moist.

You can collect your tree(s) from the nursery yourself; our staff will help you to load your vehicle. If you prefer to have your tree(s) delivered, that is also an option. You can ask us to send you a quote for this.